Flexibility with Life Balance

Online Learning Experience

The opportunity to study online allows our students flexibility and convenience to balance their learning at work and home

Why Online Learning?

Our online learning courses allow you to adapt your learning needs to your schedule, supporting your professional and personal development, whilst balancing your career and study. This ability to study online makes our courses highly accessible to distance learners, offering an effective, more financially viable method of gaining accredited qualifications.

Make use of uninterrupted access to our course material 24/7

Benefit from online lectures, e-books and “How To Do It” video resources

How It Works

Choose from our wide selection of online courses and follow our structured learning approach to tailor your learning environment to your educational needs. Engage online with our lecture material, e-library, and open sourced material. Complete our simulation videos, retention quizzes and online assessments to consolidate your knowledge.

More Details…


The online lectures and learning materials are prepared by our expert faculty to meet the course syllabus requirements and summarise the main content of the subject matter.


We carefully select e-books from a wide range of international publishers. Each e-book provides comprehensive reading material to assist you in acquiring the breadth and depth of the subject matter.

Video Library

Our video library offers you learning materials on a wide range of topics, particularly procedures. They are particularly helpful if you have very limited access to clinical sessions.

Online Exams

In your course there will be on-line quizzes. Most will be during the study period and one will be a final exam at the end of the course. You will be able to check your marks after the quizzes.


In the clinical modules, you are expected to submit assignments based on cases you have personally dealt with. Assignments will be marked by our experienced faculty.


You receive feedback on all course work and quizzes. Faculty feedback on your assignments will help you improve your subsequent course work and more importantly develop your clinical skills.

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