Advanced Fetal Cardiac Ultrasound

Module duration

Advanced Fetal Cardiac Ultrasound module is delivered in two stages. The total duration of the module including revision and assessments is approximately 48 weeks.

Advanced Fetal Cardiac Ultrasound

What will you learn?

You will learn and be able to; (1) apply detailed knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the fetal cardiac structures, their relationship to each other and the normal ultrasound appearance; (2) discriminate accurately between normal and a range of common fetal cardiac pathologies and demonstrate broad knowledge of their clinical management; (3) prepare and care for patients appropriately during fetal cardiac ultrasound examinations and perform technical procedures using suitable equipment, accessories and risk management; (4) use appropriate ultrasound examination techniques to detect fetal cardiac abnormalities, demonstrating relevant knowledge of general obstetric ultrasound, ultrasound theory and the correct interpretation of ultrasound-produced images; (5) solve clinical problems using diagnostic tests and the correct application of ultrasound theory; (6) critically evaluate the evidence base for current theory, methods and techniques used in fetal cardiac imaging and reflect on the impact of these in healthcare practice; (7) appraise your professional role and accountability and defend your practice in the light of accepted standards of care and the changing health care needs of patients in conjunction with addressing the challenges faced by healthcare organisations, and; (8) apply high-skill fetal echocardiographic techniques in the clinical environment.

Fetal cardiac ultrasound module is studied after or in conjunction with obstetric ultrasound for advanced practitioners module.


The module will start with an initial study period of 8 weeks – Stage 1, where you will develop your core knowledge and skills. This is facilitated by faculty lectures, e-books links, a vast selection of videos demonstrating key scanning techniques and carefully selected open source learning material. During this stage you will be expected to demonstrate fetal cardiac ultrasound scanning skills on simulation, if it is available to you, and take a number of online quizzes to demonstrate your retention of learned material.

In Stage 2, you will submit for faculty review representative images or cine loops of common fetal echo case scenarios identified on transabdominal and transvaginal scans such as: ventricular septal defect and other required diagnostic planes. If appropriate to your role, you will utilise the above skills to formulate a plan of action.

During the course, you will have 30 hours of free practice on the ScanTrainer simulator in Cardiff. These may be taken in half days (09:00 – 13:00 or 13:00 – 17:00) or prearranged blocks of full-day practice. On completion of the module, you’ll have assessments of knowledge and practical skills.

Fetal Cardiac Ultrasound Course Module Fees (September 2022)

  • UK/EU applicants – Consultants, Specialists and non-training staff: £925.00 per module
  • UK NHS Hospital trainees, Healthcare Professionals, nurses, midwives and Radiographers: £495.00 per module
  • International students: £925.00 per module
  • UK practical exam fees: £150.00
  • Overseas practical exam fees: £400 per module. Minimum number of participants will apply.
  • Resit knowledge exam fee: £150.00
  • Resit practical exam fees UK and overseas as above
  • Course e-library fee: There is an additional cost for e-library starting at £336.92. Please contact us for full details.
  • For information on overseas exam preparation courses and practice on the simulator, follow this link. Minimum number of participants will apply.


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