Sonographer Training: Essentials of Imaging Science and Technology

Module duration

Sonographer training in imaging science is delivered in two phases, each of which is about 10 weeks. The total duration of this module including revision and assessments is 26 weeks.

Essentials of Imaging Science and Technology

What will you learn?

Sonographer training must include thorough understanding of image formation, optimisation and safety. In this module, you will learn and be able to; (1) describe and use the scientific concepts essential to the use of diagnostic ultrasound; (2) critically evaluate the ways in which ultrasound interacts with different tissues in the human body and how images are formed by ultrasound imaging equipment; (3) consider the safety of ultrasound; (4) apply basic Doppler functions in daily practice; (5) select the appropriate ultrasound methods for different applications in the clinical environment; and (6) evaluate your professional role in a multidisciplinary team environment.

We encourage all our students to stay up to date with professional guidelines on ultrasound practice and safety by visiting the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) website regularly.


Each phase will start with an initial study period to develop your knowledge of the subject matter based on faculty lectures and carefully selected open source sonographer training material. This period ends with online quizzes to demonstrate your retention of learned material. Following that, you will be asked to prepare an assignment, based on a topic chosen by the faculty and which is relevant to imaging science. You will also be asked to take part in an online discussion with other students on that topic. After submission of the second phase assignment, you will have a short period of self-directed learning followed by the end of module online assessment.

Imaging Science and Technology Module Fees (September 2022)

  • UK/EU applicants – Consultants, Specialists and Non-training Staff: Standard fee £925.00
  • UK NHS Hospital trainees, Healthcare Professionals, Nurses, Midwives and Radiographers: £495.00
  • International students: £925.00 (approximately USD 1250.00 per module depending on the exchange rate)
  • Home practical exam fees: Not Applicable
  • Overseas practical exam fees: Not Applicable
  • Resit fees: £150.00 (USD 200.00-215.00 per module depending on the exchange rate)
  • Course e-library fee: There is an additional cost for e-library starting at £115. Please contact us for full details.


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