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International Students

International students! Progress your career with our UK-based accredited qualifications, from anywhere in the world. If you cannot come to us, we’ll reach out to you.

Education At Your Fingertips

Online Access

International students benefit from 24/7 access to our online course content. As distance learners, you will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to benefit your professional development and enhance your career. Being an international student with us means that you can still study a course based on UK standards while at the same time enjoy considerable flexibility within your studies.

Upload evidence from your own practice on “WeLearn”, our virtual learning portal and receive thorough feedback on your work

Our expert faculty will help you build your skills, step by step

Our Faculty Come To You

Guided Learning

We tailor your learning experience to support you as a healthcare professional and allow you to develop your skill set. Additionally, even when you have limited access to training opportunities in your local institution, our onsite simulation and clinical training facilities in Cardiff are available to help you develop your practical skills in the specialty.

Is It For Me?


To register on our courses, you need to be a healthcare professional with a primary degree from your country, and work in a medical establishment with access to clinical contact and patients.

Study Requirements

To study with us on a specific course, you need to be working in the course’s speciality and have a computer with good internet connection to access “WeLearn”, our online learning environment.


Wherever you are in the world, you can gain access to our content and reach out to our faculty who will be all too happy to help you progress through your study with our support.

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