Early Pregnancy 8-12 weeks | Basic Obstetric Ultrasound Course

(RCOG Curriculum)

Module duration

Basic obstetric ultrasound course is flexible as per trainee’s educational needs.

Early Pregnancy 8-12 Weeks | Basic Obstetric Ultrasound

What will you learn in Basic Obstetric Ultrasound course?

Basic Obstetric Ultrasound 8-12 weeks course is intended for Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialty trainees who are undertaking this specific RCOG module. You will be able to; (1) learn basic science in relation to ultrasound physics and be able to use the ultrasound machine effectively to achieve the aim of undertaking a good quality scan; (2) prepare and care for patients appropriately during ultrasound examinations and perform technical procedures using suitable equipment, accessories and risk assessment; (3) apply ultrasound assessments to identify normal and abnormal conditions in early pregnancy, demonstrating knowledge of the relevant ultrasound theory and the correct interpretation of ultrasound-produced images including accurate measurements and diagnosis in accordance to local and national guidance; (4) apply knowledge of early fetal developmental anatomy, physiology and pathology as relevant to pregnancy and the practice of obstetrics and explain their importance in ultrasound practice and to fetal well-being; (5) identify your own limitations and liaise within a multi-disciplinary team when further imaging or management is necessary and refer appropriately; (6) produce good quality scan images as documentation, and be able to write concise and accurate reports, and; (7) appraise your professional role and accountability and defend your practice in the light of accepted standards of care, the changing health care needs of patients and the challenges faced by healthcare organisations.


In this Early Pregnancy Basic Obstetric Ultrasound module you will have access to learning material relevant to this module, submit images for critical review and assignments from your own work for reflective practice. You will have 10 hours of free practice on the ScanTrainer simulator in Cardiff. These may be taken in half days (09:00 – 13:00 or 13:00 – 17:00), or in full. On completion of the module, you will have an assessment of knowledge and practical skills.

On successful completion of the practical skills exam, we will be happy to sign-off your Special Skills module OSATs. Learners successfully completing the 3 RCOG modules may be eligible for exemption from the Fundamentals of Obstetrics Ultrasound module of the Professional Diploma in Practical Ultrasound course.

Early Pregnancy Basic Obstetric Ultrasound Course Fees

  • UK NHS Obstetrics and Gynaecology Trainees: £250.00
  • Other UK/EU applicants (Consultants, Specialists and non-training staff): Not applicable
  • International students: Not applicable
  • Practical exam fee – UK: £75.00
  • Practical exam fees – overseas exam centres: Not applicable
  • Resit fee: £100.00 (UK only)
  • Course e-library: Not applicable


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