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Cardiff Based Study

Cardiff based study offers students the advantage to explore the full spectrum of learning opportunities: Simulation training, hands-on practise and/or attendance at scanning clinics as an observer.

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The Cardiff Medicentre was established in 1991, and was the first incubator of its kind in the United Kingdom. It offers specialist incubation support programmes and business services to entrepreneurs and SMEs to facilitate their journey in the difficult early years of a new business. They also take advantage of the specialist facilities and academic expertise located within the University.

The Cardiff Medicentre objectives are to:

Encourage new high-technology companies to locate and grow in Cardiff

Assist in the transfer of technology from associated academic centres of expertise

Assist in bringing innovative Medical, Healthcare and Life Sciences products to market

Practical Training


We have and continue to establish education collaborations and partnerships with like-minded institutions that share our passion for education. Some are in Cardiff while others are far afield, such as Profema, the Fetal Medicine Centre in the Czech Republic. We endeavour to support our students’ acquisition of practical skills closer to their work or home or we can identify international experts in the field. Some are free while others incur a fee for attendance.

Cardiff based study has many benefits

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Ultrasound training

We are very fortunate to have an educational partnership with a leading General Practice Surgery in Cardiff to provide ultrasound training for our students. We have a dedicated room with a portable ultrasound machine and can offer general medical, obstetric biometry and gynaecology scan sessions. The sessions are supervised by experienced sonographers and consultants. You learn the principles of the scanning techniques, undertake scans under direct supervision and guidance, and communication skills with patients. You will also be able to use the images and clinical  contact for your assignments.

The sessions usually last for four hours and will incur additional costs. Contact us for more information.


Innermost Healthcare is a private healthcare company, established over 20 years ago, and based at state-of-the-art independent Ash Tree clinic in Cardiff. Founded and led by Dr Bryan Beattie the clinic, licensed and regulated by Health Inspectorate Wales, provides the very latest technologies, treatments and expert advice in pregnancy care and women’s health. The team is multidisciplinary and includes clinicians, sonographers, midwives and nurses. You will be able to observe obstetric scans at various stages of pregnancy and benefit from discussions of case management with a very experienced clinician.

The sessions will incur fees. Contact us for more information.

Profema - Fetal Medicine Centre

We are delighted to have established an educational partnership with Doctor Veronika Frisova and Profema – The Fetal Medicine Centre in the Czech Republic. The centre puts a great emphasis on the quality of professional care and communication. It endeavours to take care of the health of women in all stages of their life as well as the smooth course of their pregnancies ending in the birth of healthy child. The centre aims to provide satisfaction and full information to all clients and prospective parents and offers comprehensive outpatient care in gynecology and obstetrics. The vast majority of the work at the centre represents care for high-risk pregnancies, namely prenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormalities by ultrasound, blood testing, invasive procedures (amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus Sampling – CVS), follow-up of multiple pregnancies, screening for pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction.

Patient Satisfaction is Paramount

Reception Team

An Expert at Work

Dr Veronika Frisova


At our head office in Cardiff we have state of the art abdominal and transvaginal simulator “ScanTrainer”. You will have access to its full content including the modules you have enrolled on and the vast image and clinical cases library, which has some rare pathologies that you may not encounter in routine clinical practice easily. Your early stage training will be supervised and you will benefit, when needed, from direct access to course faculty and feedback on submitted assignments. There is a booking system for training sessions. With advanced planning, we may block 2 or 3 days at a time for students coming from distant locations or international students spending a short period of time e.g. 6-8 weeks in the UK. These sessions may be combined with hands-on training and/or observation sessions at our local training centres.

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Simulation Practice

Simulation practice

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